OBO himself released his second single of the year not failing to first create enough buzz by leading us to believe he had a James Brown feature. He even linked the success of the track to that of Real Madrid winning the Champions League final saying it dropped at the right time.
Well played David, Well played.

We’ve taken out more than enough time to listen, carefully analyse and disect this jam. A thousand replays later, it begins to sound a lot like a sequel to ‘IF’ in composition, pattern and beat. The lyrics aren’t exactly something we’d want to be caught discussing in public, however, who cares about lyrics when your producer can make heads nod? I mean this guy put it succinctly.

It’s a common habit amongst creatives to be protective of the blueprint with which they conquered their audience, this is quite understandable. Case in point, the Divergent movies. That aside, we’ve shown no immunity to bopping our heads and moving out feets to this jam, we also suspect an epidemic!