‘Why change a successful formula?’ you ask. Well, why not change? why not choose growth and speak up for the ears, fingers, tongues and pockets who make you what you are?.
With a reputation for transforming beats into public love diaries where love confessions are made hits, no one was expexting this from Tekno.
Titled ‘Rara’, and produced by Selebobo, the track gives us the same funky vibe but his lyrics are conscious. We hear Tekno voice his opinions on living conditions in his home country Nigeria, corruption being at the forefront. Its an heartfelt audio potrait of the situations of things. There are still a few questionable moments though, the chorus being #1 “Rara oh, Rara oh yeah. Agbada, jangbaja, gbangban molagbada.” Is he trying to pull a Fela on us. Anyway,¬†overall its a fine track and we’re well pleased!


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