Download Igbeyawo by Sir Junior & Frikeyz

It’s a call to party on Frikeyz’s “Igbeyawo”. Over a fine soukous beat produced by the talented ViTech, Frikeyz stresses the need to seek and apprecaite God always. He employees the complimenting vocals of SirJunior to better convey this message.

“Igbeyawo” is a fun song that invites all listeners to join in a celebration of life though his cause for is majorly due to a new found love with the girl of his dreams.

I felt the track had more autotune than was required and this hurt the final production, that being said the beat was captivating and commands a positive vibe and or atmosphere.

I think there is room for improvememt with his lyricism. At times, Frikeyz seemed lost for words and tried to bandaid it with fillers hoping it would go unnoticed. Anyway, it is a decent effort and even the expert was once a beginner. With more practice you can achieve your wildest dreams.
For all who are unfamiliar with this item, I would like to introduce you to…

Rating 5/10.

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