Digital music distribution may not be a great idea for you, if you are only doing music as an hobby or you don't have plans to really BLOW.

It’s every musicians dream to BLOW UP and make it very big in the music industry.

Every new budding artist out there wants to rise and become the next shining beacon in the entertainment industry.

You may already be on that path…

But there is a big STUMBLING BLOCK that can prevent you from ever achieving this dream, even if you are insanely talented… [YOUR  BRAND].

Your Artist Brand

This is same thing as your image, branding, packaging or whatever you call it and it’s such a big deal if you want to become successful.

The more attractive your brand is…The more popular and influential you become in the industry. Getting record deals, shows, endorsements etc becomes relatively easy.

A record label boss ones responded, when he was asked how he got artists signed up. He said;

Nothing will ever make me sign an artist based on raw talent alone, I only sign artists who have both talent and image of who they are already… record labels want to see how people are responding to your music before we know if it’s worth investing on

He said it already, record labels are businesses and they want to make good investments.

Worldwide Digital Music Distribution on iTunes, Spotify & More

Digital music distribution is one the great ways for you to start packaging and improving on your brand right now.

It’s so powerful and it can elevate you and your music to the same level as the biggest artists all over

It will also give you the opportunity to start making money from your music.

Even if you had never made a penny from your music before…

And here is the truth; when you are not releasing your songs on Apple Music like the big celebrities

People are going to pay less attention to you and see you as a low profile artist.

(You obviously don’t want this kind $hit happening to you)

I need you to do a little something for me, go on Instagram and check out the bio of popular musicians in your genre and see what they are all doing.

You are going to find them always releasing their songs on iTunes and they have some very good reasons why they are doing it:

  1. They are celebrities and they want CLASS – Apple music is the highest form of class and they don’t want to be seen in the same bracket as low profile artists.
  2. They make a lot of money from it ( when I say a lot, I mean A LOT OF MONEY)

And I know you probably may not make a whole lot if are just starting out.

But you can be assured of making something decent and gaining a lot of fanfare with our artists tools and support.

You see my dear friend, this is a real opportunity for you to step up your career and make something good come out of it.

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