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Digital music distribution is flourishing now in this part of world.  

In 2015, digital music sales in Nigeria grossed over $43 million dollars as reported by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), an international audit company in Nigeria and they expect a growth of $28 million dollars by the end of 2017.

Firstly, i’m very impressed by this figure and I believe, this will only improve in the coming years as the number of smartphone users with internet access increases. 

I’m very excited about this and I bet you are too.

And if you are not?

Then you Probably are still having miserable releases on iTunes.

You are still saddled with problems like:

  • You can’t withdraw your royalties,
  • They are taking down your songs,
  • Your songs are not getting to the stores, despite the fact you paid so much for them.

Or are you that guy who doesn’t know much about digital distribution and think you need to “Blow” first before you start getting your songs on iTunes?

Mehn, you are so WRONG if you are still having this mindset.

As a matter of fact, you are throwing money away. 

Like SERIOUSLY, you need this for your image promotion (packaging).

I will show you proof.

But first, let me tell you how all these started.


The Apple Bite That Changed The World

On April 28 2003, Apple launched its iTunes store & music service. Though not the first of it’s kind, but they were the first to take the world by storm and this quickly ushered in an era of digital media, and ever since, the digital world hasn’t been the same.

An industry previously plagued with online piracy of all sort all of sudden turned the tables around and has gotten a safe place to earn money from the sale of digital music…



A Sad Twist To The Story

Sadly, this wasn’t too exciting for all artists (you & I included) because only a few popular artist with very large fan base were earning decently on this new digital world.


The Revolution

With the emergence of new digital streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Boomplay etc on which users pay a flat fee monthly to enjoy unlimited music, this has quickly CHANGED. 

To earn money on this platform, all you need to do, is to have your song streamed on these services and you earn dollars on the go.

It’s that simple…

Even Apple has now launched Apple Music to catch up with this trend.

Turn Up Your Swag


Believe me, the only thing that will make you truly standout in this game is your “packaging”. You can quote me anywhere, If you don’t package very well, people are going to look down on you and see you as a low profile musician.

Releasing your songs on iTunes, Spotify and more puts you in the class of the cream de la cream of the music industry. These are the kind of details top record labels want to see in you;

They want to see that you are already doing enough to improve on your brand.
If you dont package your brand very well, no big record label will take you serious, even if your music has great potentials.

Get Your Music on iTunes & more With Viral Playlists Digital Music Distribution


Kiss Daniel - New Era on iTunes


If you are ready to swag up or if your past releases on iTunes have been unsatisfactory, then I guess it’s high time you switched to something more reliable and friendly.

You be the Judge here:

Viral Playlists Global Distribution

We believe being an artist is enough work already and you should focus primarily on creating nice jams.

  • With Viral Playlists Digital, you simply upload your recordings on any format and we will take it up from there.
  • For your releases to be successful, Your Metadata, Cover Image and recording must conform to iTunes Release Guideline. We will work with you to ensure this is satisfactorily meant.
  • We also set the stage for your promotion by creating a Promotion Page for you. Click here view sample
  • Your stream/buy links are also promoted to loyal subscribers to kick start your promotion


No digital music distribution company will do this for you without having a fair share in your royalties. We do this absolutely FREE.


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More on Our Services

  • 100% right to music
  • 100% royalty payout (we pay directly to your bank account)
  • Free UPC and ISRC codes
  • Monthly sales report
  • 50 plus digital stores (iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal etc) 
  • No yearly subscription

 Viral Distro

I’m Ready To Swag Up, How Much Does This Cost?

We are truly excited to have you on board, you have taken time to learn about a service that will remove every bit of stress on your digital music distributions.

Your Swag is getting loaded…

Our services just launched and we are making it very affordable for everyone.

Singles – N3990

Albums – Flexible see pricing calculator

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If you don’t have your recording ready yet, you can bookmark this page for future references or call our support on 08151240876.

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