How Mayorkun Got Signed Through Twitter - and How You Too Can Get Your First Record Deal by following the EXACT Same SYSTEM...

This piece of information is what every other music sharing websites, blogs, online-hypers, and promoters will never want you to know.

So pay careful attention to the content of this page. Remove all form of distractions and hang on every word. I assure you by the time you are done and take action, you will be on your way to Building An Attractive Brand Top Record Labels find irresistible.

From the desk of Ogiesoba Emmanuel, Founder and CEO of Viralplaylists Digital
Thursday, February 21st, 2019

RE: "Other Music Sharing website will hate us for this"

Dear success driven musician, 

You are in a confused and tough spot...
I know this because lots of artists we talk to every time complains virtually about this same problem.
You want to "Blow" and become successful in your music career.

 After all, how exciting will it be to see...

  • That you are signed to a Record Label
  • You get Regular Shows and Endorsements
  • You are popular and famous
  • You get mad cash regularly to afford all the luxury you've ever wished for

But you just cannot figure how to make this happen and deep within your heart, you know you are super-talented and you've got what it's needed to become a star but nothing is working for you at the moment despite your efforts...

You wished there was a cheat sheet to reveal this secret to you...

Because you have done so much to make your career come good and nothing has worked!

Not to mention the amount of money you have spent on;

  • Music production and recordings
  • promoting your songs with bloggers
  • promoting with online influencers and hypers

You have even paid people to push your music in the hopes of getting a record deal.

But Nothing has Worked!

As you read through this page carefully, I will reveal to you a Very simple System yet Powerful!

It will literally force your songs to gain a massive audience on social media and attract the attention of top record labels.

"I got signed by Davido through Twitter"

In an exclusive interview last year, Fast rising star, Mayorkun revealed how he got signed by Davido on Twitter. In his own words:

My salary in the bank was so poor so I decided to get another job. Meanwhile, I have recorded a song using my cousin’s piano in late December, 2015 and I shared it on social media late January 2016 and Davido saw it on February 1. Then he followed me and sent me a direct message via Twitter. He later followed me on Instagram and asked if I can do more than playing the keyboard. I then sent him some of the songs I have done. He picked on one that I recorded while still in school and told me ‘guy I am signing you on

Now I want you to read the above words from Mayorkun again. Really, read it again. Slowly this time around.

Now you might say he was really lucky and that happens rarely. But one famous philosopher once said: 

You see, Mayorkun was well prepared. Prior to when Davido got a hold of his song. He had actively and consistently been posting his recordings online. Mayorkun is the guy I love to call social media - smart, you will be finding out why soon...

For the past 10 years, Social media has evolved and the way content is being shared online has changed. But one shocking thing my team and I here at ViralPlaylists discovered is that "artistes who 'blow' through social media follow this EXACT SAME checklist"

This strategy is so psychologically powerful that as long as your music is good enough, All you need do is apply them and wait. Record labels and top artists will contact you. In Mayorkun's interview above. He revealed that Davido contacted him through a direct message on Twitter.

Below are the tweets which Mayorkun put out and the tweet after Davido signed him.

Justin Beiber Got Discovered Through Youtube

Justin Bieber Before Becoming Famous.

Here is an excerpt from a Justin Beiber Interview about how he got discovered on Youtube:

"It had a hundred views, then a thousand views, then ten thousand views, so I just kept posting more videos and more videos," Justin, now 15, says in a soft voice. "Eventually, I got found by my manager who flew me to Atlanta to meet Usher."
But Usher, 31, had some competition to sign Bieber. Timberlake was also interested in the new boy-chick on the scene. There was a bidding war but Usher finally won out and had him signed to Island Def Jam Recordings.

You see, Justin Bieber is one artist who followed the checklist I am about to reveal to you in a bit.

Social Media is an extremely powerful tool if used in the right way to promote your music and image. Which in turn will make you "blow" as fast as possible.

Our team at Viral Playlists studied what happened the period prior to when Bieber was signed and discovered this exact same checklist. It is that POWERFUL and in a moment you will have these in your hands.

It worked for Mayorkun. It worked for Bieber and it WILL work for you too...

You are literally a few minutes away from taking charge of your journey to fame and success in your musical career.

"Record Labels Will Ignore You If You Have No Audience"

CEO of EME record label, Banky W, in an interview some time ago, He said:

"Nothing will make us sign an artist because of how convincing he/she could be with their mouth, We will not take any artist requesting a record deal serious without making a name first for yourself on social media. Record labels want to see how people like/love and respond to your songs before we know if it's worth investing on. You cannot just wake up one morning and send us songs and ask us to sign you when you have no image of who you are already"

He basically said it all. So if you are still wasting your time sending your songs to record labels and hoping they would "like" it and sign you. You are OWN YOUR OWN (OYO) lol. 

Record labels run businesses and not talent shows. So it is logical that before they invest in you. They have to see the potential that you will make them a ton of money too. You have to already be "marketable". 

Here is what CEO of Chocolate City also said in an interview:

'For you to get into Chocolate City system, you really must have worked on yourself. Like some of the artistes we are considering now, they are people that have been doing their own thing. You can't walk up to me and say you are an artiste and you want a record deal with just two Facebook likes or followers, I won't take you seriously. People are looking for content.

There are people with no talent with five thousand followers; that means they are actively engaging and doing something. It's important that you have those followers because it shows me you have fans. How was Justin Bieber found on YouTube? He has fans and he was marketing himself.'

And that is where social media comes in. Our system teaches you the exact same strategies to become a recognized artiste on social media which will, in turn, have this bandwagon effect and make multiple record labels even try to win you over and get you signed.

You Do Not Have To Work Hard, Just Smart...

Pay attention to this analogy.

Working Hard is a very good thing and will probably get you some success in the music industry maybe after a couple years if you are lucky too.

But, Can you afford to work really hard for say, 5 years, and at the end of the day you might not even have anything to show for it?

There are several artists that after over 10 years, they are still "up and coming".  Some worked hard enough and probably got recognised then later faded away because they couldn't keep up with "working hard".

But then again, look at artists like Ycee,Mr Eazi, Tekno. They all have become household names within a very short period of time.

That is working smart!

So I want you to answer this question honestly...

Do you want to spend 10 years trying to blow up OR you want to get your music out there and become a household name as fast as possible?

I bet you know the answer already as it is pretty straight forward.

The Smart-Luck Way Vs The Hard-Luck Way  

This is very delicate, so pay atttention here;

Getting your music out there to get it noticed is what you are actively going to be doing and the choices you make between this two extremes will determine if you will be"Blowing-up" anytime soon or are probably going to be stuck as an up and coming for the rest of your life... 

You see, there is a Hard Luck Way of promoting music, the one you probably knew before getting on this page...

The one that requires you to;

  • Aggresively promote your music without having a clear plan (its like blindfolding you and giving you a gun to shoot aimlessly at a target, obviously you are going to miss the target 99% of the time.)
  • The one that requires of you to spend so much money repeatedly on your promotions and get no tangible result in the end
  • The one that encourages you to produce more songs and repeat the steps above in the hope of getting it right the next time. (uh-oh, You are never getting a record deal this way...)

 And there is a Smart Way,

A smart way of promoting music that can easily force your song to gain massive audience in the shortest period of time and gain the attention of top record labels without you spending a fortune...

  • By simply following and executing simple and expertly mapped out plan 
  • By following  simple - inexpensive and working strategies that top artistes who have succeeded already in the industry used.
  • By focusing on building a large fanbase that has a proper connection with you. (Which is one of the criteria record labels will grade you with; to know if you are already marketable before handing you a record deal)

You see, working without an actual plan has been what you have been doing...

You have been constantly going around in circles, wasting all your cash and making the same exact mistake each time and the funny part is that you have been doing this unknowingly, thinking you were doing great and working in the right direction.

But you were completely wrong...

And if perharps you have any reason to doubt this, please sincerely answer this question:

If all you you have doing has been going so great, why have you not gotten any level of break through yet?

Think about it.

Now you see the point I am trying to make...

You are completely stunned!

And before you start beating yourself so hard... know this;

It was never your fault...

I speak to over a dozen up and coming musicians daily, I'm talking about the highly rated ones, they've been all tricked into believing the same thing just like you have been...

The shitty promoters keep encouraging you to produce more songs and promote them aimlessly in the hope of getting it right the next time...This way they make a constant stream of income off you while keeping you long enough in an endless loop of failure!

Our team of experts at Viral Playlists Digital who by way, magically got you to this page, LOL

They do social media marketing/promotions, targeting, retargeting and a lot of advanced stuffs have carefully studied what happened prior to when Mayorkun got signed and have detailed the secret steps taken by these top artists before they became famous.

They have scripted and compressed this into a very simple but yet extremely powerful Social Media Guide that will simply take you by the hand and walk you all the way to your success and fame.

It worked for Mayorkun. It worked for Bieber and it WILL work for you too...

And to be very blunt, this guide is not meant for everyone, I'm afraid...

Because not many will Blow...

The passion and desire to succeed that you showed earlier by requesting our special report will start paying out for you real soon,I can assure you!

And if perharps you still have any doubts whether to continue or not with your hard luck ways, please close this page and leave now!

But if you are tired of wasting your money... And humbly looking for a simple and proven way that will make you blow in the shortest period of time.

Then we at Viral Playlists Digital has a fool-proof solution for you.

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Frequently asked Questions on The Advanced Social Media Guide

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This Guide was developed by our team of expert at Viralplaylists. You will not find it elsewhere on the internet.


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N2,990 puts this Guide within the reach of the vast majority of people. It is not too expensive for even the humblest looking out to succeed in their career to jump on board and start excelling.

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